Is this ecommerce website using Magento, Hybris or Websphere Commerce?

To find out which ecommerce framework is using a specific website, you just need to install Firebug and have a look at the cookies.

Let’s start from Magento.

First of all you have to drill down to a product (to be sure to initialize the framework): for example

Crombie product page Magento

As you can see, the website is sending you a cookie called “frontend”: this is the typical cookie sent from Magento framework.

And to confirm this you can also see the website is using Linux as OS, Apache as http server and PHP: Magento is a LAMP framework.

Let’s follow with Hybris analyzing Freitag store

Freitag Hybris store

In this case too is pretty simple to recognize an Hybris webstore; the site will send you a cookie called “_hybris_tenantID”.

And, as Hybris is based on a JEE application, you will receive a JSESSIONID cookie too.

Finally we will analyze a Websphere Commerce website response.

GruppoComet Websphere Commerce site

Websphere Commerce is sending a lot of cookies to the user.

In particular WC_SESSION_ESTABLISHED is the cookie you have to look at

[Session management]

In this case some others details are saying this is a WC website: the http server is an IBM_HTTP_SERVER and the application server is Websphere Application Server.

The website is using WAS because starting from version, dynacache is sending a new http header called CACHED_RESPONSE



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4 comments on “Is this ecommerce website using Magento, Hybris or Websphere Commerce?
  1. A very useful tool I found recently is the wappalyzer ( browser extension, that (probably) does the same analysis and gives you even more information (if available/detectable):
    – CMS or Shop Solution
    – web analytics framework
    – JavaScript-Frameworks used
    – Operating System of Server
    – Webserver
    – Programming Language
    – …

    Very convenient!

  2. Thankappa says:

    Wappalyzer is much much better than the method stated above. I’ve used it to extensively and it is more reliable.

  3. This valuable blog, “Is this ecommerce website using Magento, Hybris or Websphere Commerce?
    Marco Fabbri’s Blog” reveals the fact that you actually understand just what u r communicating about! I fully agree with your post. With thanks -Shonda

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