Best practices on install and configure a Websphere Commerce Developer workstation

To get a high performance Websphere Commerce Developer workstation you should follow these guidelines.

1) Hardware

– CPU i7
– Windows 7 64 bits
– Hard disk on solid state (SSD)
– 16 GB RAM

Be sure workstation BIOS is up to date and AHCI is supported.

Here you can find a good list of tips for SSD

2) Windows 7 tuning

There are a lot of suggestions: the most important things to do are

– Disable paging
– Disable Windows Search
– System restore (lower it to 1%)
– Modify registry
– Disable antivirus runtime control on RAD and Commerce Developer folders

3) Install a local IHS

[Configuring the IBM HTTP Server to work with WebSphere Commerce Developer]

This allows to:

– Have a search engine optimization strategy where you use mod_rewrites.
– Want to enable file compression, file caching, configure expiration dates for static content to increase performance, or tune your application.
– Are doing mash-up development.
– Want to configure a reverse proxy to route your requests elsewhere

4) RAD Tuning

Depending on your WCD level (FEP6 is needed to use RAD 8.0.4 64 bits) you should apply 7.5.x tips or 8.0.4.x

[Rational Application Developer 7.5.4 Performance Tips]

– Logs files MUST be in english
[Changing the locale and language of JVM processes]

– Tuning RAD JVM changing eclipse.ini

Version 7.5.5
[JVM tuning]

Version 8.0.4

[Performance tips]

RAD 7.5.5 will be installed on 32 bits only then following these guidelines

[What is the largest maximum Java heap size (Xmx) allowed on Windows platform?]

you can set the maximum Java heap size to 1536.

Remember to activate “Show heap status” preference on RAD.

Important: you cannot install WAS Test Environment 64 bits on RAD 8.0.4 64 bits with Commerce Developer.

I opened an RFE to get this new feature on next Commerce versions.

4) WAS Tuning

– Set heap minimum (Xms) to 1024 and maximum (Xmx) to 1536

5) Advanced settings

Often you have to switch on RAD from two different SVN (or CVS or any VS) branches; typically trunk and production branch.

Do a switch in RAD can be a very large operation; it’s better to install a new Commerce Developer instance in a different folder (C:\IBM\WCDE_ENT70_1 for example) and associate every instance to a different SVN branch.

The two WCD instances are associated to two WAS profiles and they can be executed at the same time with 16 GB RAM but you have to change WAS ports to avoid conflicts.

Another interesting setting is to take advantage of IBM JDK shared classes

[Class data sharing between JVMs]

Using a shared classes cache of 128 or 196 MB specifying -Xscmx128m parameter on RAD and WAS JVM for example, can reduce startup time for RAD and WAS. And you will apreciate it a lot during the day restarting Websphere Commerce Server several times.

Websphere Commerce and Portal Architect ✔ Motivated IT professional with more than ten years of experience, combining Java and JEE developer skills with systems and IBM products installation knowledge. ✔ Strong experience and skills on planning, architecting and implementing complex commerce and portal solutions based on IBM middleware products. ✔ Reliable with a strong network attitude, experience on leading developer's teams and manage international relationships. Specialties ✔ Pleasant manner, reliable. ✔ Ability to consider issues from different point of views. ✔ End-oriented work capacity and problem-solving attitude. ✔ Ability to work with deadlines and under pressure. ✔ Ability to prioritise tasks and manage people. ✔ Ability to increase the whole team skills. ✔ Ability to generate commercial leads

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4 comments on “Best practices on install and configure a Websphere Commerce Developer workstation
  1. Suhas says:

    hi marco ,
    Can u please send me the tutorials on WebSphere Commerce Server 7.0


    This is excellent, this article covers most of the performance issues and howto overcome while working with WC developer. 16gb in each developer m/c may not be feasible…

    • Marco Fabbri says:

      Not so complicated to get RAM nowadays… And it could be very complicated to work with Commerce Developer FEP7 with 2 EARs without a lot of RAM

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