How to automate attachments deletion from Commerce EAR using ibm-partialapp-delete.props

Using attachments features on Commerce is very useful to manage a lot of files in a organized way.

But the downside is the need to progressively delete the unused files from the Commerce EAR file because his size can grow very quickly.

Infocenter reports the manual way to do this but it’s not viable to generate manually a ibm-partialapp-delete.props file containing the images you need to delete and deploy it every time.

You can automate this task using an ant script (with his properties file) with a very easy logic.

You generate an images file list with a fileset task

<fileset id=”filesListToDelete” dir=”${attachmentsFolderEAR}”>
<include name=”**/*.jpg” />
<date datetime=”${days.before.clean}” when=”before” pattern=”MM/dd/yyyy hh:mm” />

This list will contain all the images older than ${daysBeforeClean} days and will be transformed in a ibm-partialapp-delete.props file with an echo tag

<echo file=”${filePathIBMDeleteProps}/ibm-partialapp-delete.props”>${lastFiles}</echo>

The result file will be put in a zip file and deployed as partial update with a wsadmin task using a basic python script.

Scheduling the execution of this simple ant script will keep your Commerce EAR quite small. Quite because it’s very common to have a 300 MB EAR file on production systems.


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