Remote Solr server: do you need more Websphere Commerce licences?

As usual the answer is: it depends.

From the IBM License Information document for FEP2:

“Licensee may install the WebSphere Commerce Search component, and WebSphere Application Server in support of the Search component, on one or more different machine(s) from where Licensee has installed IBM WebSphere Commerce, provided that Licensee’s use of the WebSphere Commerce Search component and WebSphere Application Server in support of the Search component may not exceed the maximum resource or other charge unit capacity for which Licensee is licensed to use IBM WebSphere Commerce under its Proof of Entitlement.”

In plain english this means if your customer bought 10 Websphere Commerce PVUs, he can use up to 10 Websphere Application Server PVUs in your remote Solr server without paying any additional Websphere Application Server licence.

Consider this if you need to cluster search service for example.


Websphere Commerce and Portal Architect ✔ Motivated IT professional with more than ten years of experience, combining Java and JEE developer skills with systems and IBM products installation knowledge. ✔ Strong experience and skills on planning, architecting and implementing complex commerce and portal solutions based on IBM middleware products. ✔ Reliable with a strong network attitude, experience on leading developer's teams and manage international relationships. Specialties ✔ Pleasant manner, reliable. ✔ Ability to consider issues from different point of views. ✔ End-oriented work capacity and problem-solving attitude. ✔ Ability to work with deadlines and under pressure. ✔ Ability to prioritise tasks and manage people. ✔ Ability to increase the whole team skills. ✔ Ability to generate commercial leads

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