How to troubleshoot stagingprop execution in DB2

If you didn’t apply FP6 yet, you can’t use the -trace parameter

[stagingprop utility]

and even in that case you can only choose between 4 predefined trace levels

0 – (default) High-level summary only.
1 – Table level information and Global summary report.
2 – Table summary report and row level information.
3 – SQL statements and diagnostic.

But stagingprop is using a JDBC type 4 connection underlying

“Note: For DB2 UDB databases, the DB2 Type 4 JDBC driver is used, where the Type 4 database name is prefixed with the database server and port. For example, db_server:db_port/db_name.”

This means you can trace stagingprop execution exactly as you do with any other JDBC type 4 connection using the DB2 JCC driver

[Collecting Data: Tracing with the IBM Data Server driver for JDBC and SQLJ]

To apply the technote to the Commerce environment, you just need to “play” a bit with the JDBC url parameters

String databaseUrl = “jdbc:db2://localhost:50000/sample”
+ “:traceDirectory=c:\\temp”
+ “;traceFile=trace”
+ “;traceFileAppend=false”
+ “;traceLevel=”
+ (
+ “;”;

The standard way to execute stagingprop command is specifying the db name only (DB2SRCDB and DB2TGTDB)

./ -scope _all_ -sourcedb DB2SRCDB -sourcedb_user dbsrcuser -sourcedb_passwd dbsrcpwd -destdb DB2TGTDB -destdb_user dbtgtuser -destdb_passwd dbtgtpwd

but if you apply a specific JDBC URL syntax

./ -scope _all_ -sourcedb “DB2SRCSRV:<port>/DB2SRCDB:traceFile=/var/log/stagingTrace.log;traceLevel=567” -sourcedb_user dbsrcuser -sourcedb_passwd dbsrcpwd -destdb “DB2TGTSRV:<port>/DB2TGTDB:traceFile=/var/log/productionTrace.log;traceLevel=567” -destdb_user dbtgtuser -destdb_passwd dbtgtpwd

you will be able to trace stagingprop execution using the trace level you need activating correspondent trace flags

“If the URL is specified outside application code, specify a numeric value for traceLevel. Possible values:

  • TRACE_NONE (blank)
  • TRACE_SQLJ (1024)
  • TRACE_XA_CALLS (2048)*
  • TRACE_ALL (-1)”

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