Move Websphere Commerce cache instances to eXtreme Scale: baseCache configuration

As explained in the previous post about WXS, we have an eXtreme Scale + Websphere Commerce infrastructure ready to use for functional tests.

In this post we move a step forward following the guidelines proposed in another developerWorks article

Configure WebSphere Commerce with WebSphere eXtreme Scale to improve performance, scale, and your competitive edge

To follow the general guidelines about WXS and WebSphere Commerce integration, I modified previous topology where catalog server were executed in a WebSphere application server JVM and I moved catalog server in a stand alone JVM.

This was quite easy: the installation steps are the same but when you configure the catalog server domain in the WAS console

Remote Catalog Server Domain

you have to choose the “Remote server” option

Remote Catalog Server Started in WAS Console


To startup the catalog server and the container you have to use the same grid configuration files used in the previous post



But this time you have to run the catalog server process manually first

startXsServer.bat catalogServer -serverProps C:\IBM\WebSphere\WXS\ObjectGrid\webspherecommerce\properties\

using the same properties file we used in the setup part

and executing the container

startXsServer.bat wccontainer1 -objectGridFile C:\IBM\WebSphere\eXtremeScale\ObjectGrid\webspherecommerce\etc\dynacache-objectgrid.xml -deploymentPolicyFile C:\IBM\WebSphere\eXtremeScale\ObjectGrid\webspherecommerce\etc\dynacache-deployment.xml -catalogServiceEndPoints localhost:4809 -listenerPort 6601

After augmenting the profile, to switch the baseCache to WXS is quite simple: you only need to change the provider on “Dynamic cache service”

WXS provider in baseCache

Using a very simple cachespec.xml to cache Aurora Home page only, we can check if the WXS provider is working as expected

Loading Aurora home page, a new entry appears on cache monitor

Cache entries Home page Aurora cache monitor

How can we check if those entries were correctly stored in the grid?

We can do a first check using cache monitor accessing to the WXS Mbeans

Cachemonitor access to the WXS mbeans

But to get a full view about grid usage, we have to use WXS web console.

We already created all the references (catalog server and catalog service domain) in the previous post and we only have to connect using a browser

First of all looking at the cache contents (be careful only first 500 results will be returned)

WXS web console cache contents

And then the grid usage for example

WXS web console grid usage

A general suggestion to close: upgrade your WXS environment to using FixCentral and open a PMR asking for the last cumulative fix available before starting a WXS implementation in a production environment.


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