Precision Marketing basics: Customer abandon shopping cart trigger

In this second article about Websphere Commerce Precision marketing we will create another very common dialog activity using the “Customer abandon shopping cart” trigger.

We’ll use as a guide the example “3.2.2 Abandoned shopping carts” explained in the Precision Marketing redbook.

First of all the requirements as indicated in my last precision marketing post

1) Enable personalization ID
[Enabling personalization ID]

Modify wc-server.xml adding (or modifying) this tag

<PersonalizationId display=”false” enable=”true“/>

2) Enabling persistent sessions
[Enabling persistent sessions globally]

To activate the personalization ID you need to activate persistent sessions too (globally or at store level)
Modify wc-server.xml adding (or modifying) this tag

<PersistentSession cookieExpiry=”7″
delayNewPersistentGuestSession=”true” display=”false” enable=”true“/>

Remember to check dynacache implications when persistent sessions are enabled
[Dynamic caching considerations for persistent session]

3) User had to give his consent to receive emails

Quite simple to check

select * from emlusrrecv where users_id = XXXXX;

3) Configure outbound accounts to send emails at store level
[Configuring email activity accounts]

Remember to check “Time to start delivery”: it has to be 1 hour (or less) later than the “SendMarketingTriggers” scheduled job execution.

After verifying all the requirements, you can start create the dialog activity.

This will be the final result

Dialog activity for abandoned carts

You should start creating the coupon promotions

Coupon promotion for abandoned carts

and then the email template

Email template for abandoned carts




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