Oracle JDBC performance: how to exploit defaultRowPrefetch in a WebSphere environment

A lot of WebSphere Commerce customers are using an Oracle database as backend.

From the performance point of view there are several specific parameters to work with to improve WebSphere Commerce performance on the database layer (DB2 or Oracle)

But in the WebSphere Application Server layer there are only a few, grouped on JDBC settings.

And the most important is probably the “Prepared Statement Cache“: Commerce support suggest to starting multipling x3 the default value.

[Overview of WebSphere Commerce performance and stability configurations]

Prepared Statement Cache 50 Specifies the number of statements that can be cached per connection. 150

Unfortunately this parameter doesn’t work with Oracle datasources created on WAS because you should switch to Oracle Universal Connection Pool and enable the implicit statement cache.

Then there is no way to improve Oracle datasource performance on WAS?

Yes, there is.

Using a specific datasource custom property, “connectionProperties”

[Using Oracle JDBC driver specific properties through a datasource]

you can access to several connection properties (“setConnectionProperties” list) through Oracle Datasource API and improve the overall datasource performance.

One of the most interesting connection properties you can change from the performance point of view is “defaultRowPrefetch”.

To setup it, you just need to create a custom datasource property using WAS console.

Oracle Datasource custom property

Oracle Datasource custom property

To check the performance impact for your environment, you need a load test.

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