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Use Swagger version 2 declarations to import and test WebSphere Commerce v7 REST services

It’s actually quite common to use Swagger JSON v2 declarations to import REST services and start interacting with them. For example to start testing Oracle Commerce Cloud v16.1 REST services, you just have to download this JSON from the public

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WebSphere Commerce custom tables queries and performance implications: goodbye ServerJDBCHelperAccessBean

Executing custom queries against custom tables is an historical problem affecting a lot of ecommerce projects implemented  with several big ecommerce frameworks (Oracle, IBM, SAP). On WebSphere Commerce the developers have used during a lot of years (and they are

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Oracle JDBC performance: how to exploit defaultRowPrefetch in a WebSphere environment

A lot of WebSphere Commerce customers are using an Oracle database as backend. From the performance point of view there are several specific parameters to work with to improve WebSphere Commerce performance on the database layer (DB2 or Oracle) But

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My top 15 hidden features in Commerce Fix Packs (FP9 and previous)

For the CSE blog fans who read my post there, I’d like to add the complete map with all hidden features available on FixPack 9 The original XMind map can be downloaded here with all links available. I hope you

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WebSphere Commerce FEP7: Caching search REST requests (updated FEP8)

With FEP7 a new REST service layer is deployed with WebSphere Commerce in a different EAR application to point to SOLR infrastructure directly without involve the BOD layer This architectural change allow us to start developing a different presentation layer

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Manage a custom servlet cache instance: configuration and invalidation

Most of the times in your baseCache instance falls several different types of cache entries: full pages, fragments, marketing command objects, policies. Based on the “Best practices for caching design and decisions“, those entries could be moved to a different

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Precision Marketing basics: Customer abandon shopping cart trigger

In this second article about Websphere Commerce Precision marketing we will create another very common dialog activity using the “Customer abandon shopping cart” trigger. We’ll use as a guide the example “3.2.2 Abandoned shopping carts” explained in the Precision Marketing redbook.

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FEP7: CQRS pattern on WebSphere Commerce

On February 28th, IBM made available WebSphere Commerce Feature Pack 7 (FEP7) for version 7. Several new features are now available but there is one really interesting that introduce exciting architectural improvements. In particular there is an architectural option who

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Move Websphere Commerce cache instances to eXtreme Scale: baseCache configuration

As explained in the previous post about WXS, we have an eXtreme Scale + Websphere Commerce infrastructure ready to use for functional tests. In this post we move a step forward following the guidelines proposed in another developerWorks article Configure

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Investigate intermittent production issues in WebSphere Application Server

In every production environment there is a very complicated kind of issues to solve: the intermittent ones. The kind of errors that happens “sometime” only: tricky to catch and reproduce. But from last August, there is a tool that can

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