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Use Swagger version 2 declarations to import and test WebSphere Commerce v7 REST services

It’s actually quite common to use Swagger JSON v2 declarations to import REST services and start interacting with them. For example to start testing Oracle Commerce Cloud v16.1 REST services, you just have to download this JSON from the public

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Oracle JDBC performance: how to exploit defaultRowPrefetch in a WebSphere environment

A lot of WebSphere Commerce customers are using an Oracle database as backend. From the performance point of view there are several specific parameters to work with to improve WebSphere Commerce performance on the database layer (DB2 or Oracle) But

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Is your Websphere Commerce cache configuration complete? (Oracle version)

How can I be sure I didn’t forget something on my dynacache and data cache configuration? Quite easy: if you missed cache entries on cachespec.xml or some configurations in the, your DB will execute much more queries than expected.

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Oracle RAC 11g and Websphere Commerce 7: some advices for a good setup

Using an Oracle RAC is fully supported in Websphere Commerce v7 from FP2 but I think some tips are welcomed because there are several docs to read. 1) Validating the Oracle Environment for use with WebSphere Commerce This technote is

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