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How to cache category view grid pages in Aurora using search facets

One of the most used features in a Aurora front-end is the category list view using facet filters To increase the usability of this important feature, it’s mandatory to configure dynacache to handle user interactions with the filters. When you

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How to search contents on IBM technotes using Google

If you need to find something between IBM technotes, use this syntax on Google search box inurl:docview <textToSearch> For example to find something on the technotes about iOS support on Websphere Commerce, you can type inurl:docview commerce mobile

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Remote Solr server: do you need more Websphere Commerce licences?

As usual the answer is: it depends. From the IBM License Information document for FEP2: “Licensee may install the WebSphere Commerce Search component, and WebSphere Application Server in support of the Search component, on one or more different machine(s) from

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