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Oracle JDBC performance: how to exploit defaultRowPrefetch in a WebSphere environment

A lot of WebSphere Commerce customers are using an Oracle database as backend. From the performance point of view there are several specific parameters to work with to improve WebSphere Commerce performance on the database layer (DB2 or Oracle) But

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Best practices on install and configure a Websphere Commerce Developer workstation

To get a high performance Websphere Commerce Developer workstation you should follow these guidelines. 1) Hardware – CPU i7 – Windows 7 64 bits – Hard disk on solid state (SSD) – 16 GB RAM Be sure workstation BIOS is

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WAS failover using differents datacenters

Suppose you’re so lucky that your customer can utilize more than a datacenter and is asking you to design how to modify the existing WAS environment. Now you have two datacenter, a network dispatcher, IP sprayers, WAS servers, a clustered

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